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How to earn from earn per month rs 1000 to Rs.30000/- & more. For just reading sms on mobile. Get registered by Rs.2,500/-only for life time.

First of all congratulations and warm welcome to the sms family. You are joining the company, which is going to create history in sms marketing industry. Do you know people all over the world are earning substantial amounts of money through sms from the comforts of their homes? We have brought about a revolutionary concept that has the power to radically change your lifestyle. At sms our sole objective is to provide secure, steady and long term earnings. We do not promise big dreams and show big figures, but a handsome income, which will increase tremendously inproportion of one's efforts.

Earn from mobile sms is formed with the dream of making a mark in the mobile advertising industry by providing reliable, fast, and quality accurate solutions to the corporate and consumer.

As marketers, we are in the business of fulfilling wishes of customers of our brand clients and there is perhaps no better channel than the one that the mobile. The new era of marketing is rising ahead of us.

We have been providing sms service to corporate throughout india with data base since 2005.Our service is the most reliable in the industry. Media saturated world,decade,extension,a less formidable way to advertise. So, things can change -and change quickly.

Indian media is riding a high, but as we have just seen it does not take much time for eyeballs and advertising dollars to switch. In fact, if you just look at the attributes of the mobile, it is not difficult to see why there really is no competition with anything that has come before -and why the switch may happen faster than we can imagine.
it also allows us to respond to the world around in multiple ways – advertiser can send an sms in response to an ad that we saw at the anywhere like hording, banner or other place. This wholesomeness is what makes the mobile such an attractive marketing platform.

Earn from mobile if you have mobile then,you can earn 1000/to 15,000/- monthly,just reading advertising sms on your mobile. Registration fee is - rs 2,500/-for life time.
earn from mobile,sms reading job.How to earn from your mobile,just reading sms on your mobile,you can earn 15,000/and more by joining with sms reading job.If you have mobile then you can join,registration fee is- 2500/for life time.
if you have 2 or 3 mobile then you can take 2 or 3 id well come to earn from mobile, by reading sms on your mobile.

Congratulation and well come to Pentagon inc. family. You are joining the company, which is going to creat history in sms marketing industry, do you know, people all over the world are earning substantial amount of money through sms from the comforts of their homes, we have brought about a revolutionary concept that has the power to radically change your life style, at Pentagon inc. family our sole objective to provide secure, steady and long term earing.

After joining you will get

1. Rs. 2.00 for each sms you received.

2. Rs. 1.00 for each sms your friends receive.

3. 75 paise for each sms their friends receive.

4. 25 paise on every sms their friends receive.

5. If you refer your any friends to join with this
Program you will get direct commission rs. 500/-
So, refer and earn, unlimited candidate you can refer.
Extra benefits.

Pentagon offers 15,000 sms for every registered subscriber to send sms to their known contact from their user login,this facility is given at free of cost and you can send maximum 50 sms per day. A new facility is given being given in registered subscribers login to compose maximum110 character sms and you can send to your known contacts, every account will have 15000 sms credicts which can be utilized with in 300 days from the date of subscription and per day maximum 500 sms.

Registration fee is - 2500/- rs for life time.

If you want to join please fill the online application form and deposit of rs. 2,500/- to our bank account or online fund transfer to our bank account.

Registration Fees: $39 (₹ 2500)
No. of SMS: Unlimited
Amount per Received SMS: ₹ 2
Amount per Received by your referal: ₹ 1
Payout amount: Unlimited
Contract Period Life-Time

To make the Payment, you must first fill and submit the Online Registration Form on this page.
On Successful submission, you'll be redirected to the payment page, where you can then complete the registration by making the payment.

For alternate payment options, Check out 'Payment Option' in the 'Join Now' page.

Indian customers can now deposit cash or transfer fund through "Fund Transfer" in the bank accounts given & forward the details such as: Transaction ID or Cash counter slip through E-Mail to [email protected]

Upon payment confirmation, Job details will be sent to your E-mail Address within 24hrs.
Online form submission is mandatory.

International Candidates may read the Payment Option Page >> To find options other than credit card and paypal, if available.

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