If you wish to earn more than 1 lakh per month, you can join Pentagon Inc. as a FRANCHISEE / business partner for our online survey / offline survey programs it's a golden opportunity for you.
We want city wise / district wise / state wise franchisee branches / business partner from all over India and abroad.

For becoming a business partner / FRANCHISEE, a candidate should be.

1.Particular mind set and attitudes like willingness to work to some one else ’s system.
2.Degree od management ability.
3.Good technical skill.
4.Determination to wards work.
5.Always positive thinking.
6.To handle the customer, and attend to the new customer’s.

We will give you whole technical support in starting your online business.

Every business partner / FRANCHISEE will include start up kit to get started the work, from all over india / any part of india and abroad you can apply for business partner / FRANCHISEE.

Business partner brote new ground when they found away to give the same marketing advantages to its clients that were previously only enjoyed by multi billion dollar company’s.


As a business partner / FRANCHISEE your job will be not only just collecting order from the customers but to visualize the market and marketing strategies to expand the business.

After joining as a business partner / FRANCHISEE you can enroll dealers and the all dealers / members will work under you.

If you work properly, you can earn more that 1 lakh per month.

One should not think that achieving these targets are impossible, we are here always to help you. We will also guide you one of the best technique of business that is time compounding.

After joining will give you the FRANCHISEE / business partner certificate/ ID Card, and other materials which you needs to start the work perfectly.

Your income as a FRANCHISEE /business partner...

After taking the FRANCHISEE you will get the Admin UserID and Password, all your new member will work under this ID of yours.

You will be given 100 Joining Pins to your Admin ID. From your Admin ID you can enroll new members with these pins.

Once you run out of the 100 Joining Pins, you may then request another 100 batch of pins.

Joining Pins can be requested for indefinite amout of times, meaning unlimited.

You will get Rs. 10,000 /- fixed montly salary, all the benefit as a member and a 5% extra of your total business turn over at the end of the month.

So, enroll the new member and earn more. We will give you online survey / Online survey joining magizines, you can distribute to new members, we will provide you the total business support.

After taking the FRANCHISEE ,daily you will get member enquary for new joining, per joining you will get the commision and from their salary also you will get percentage.

How to become a business partner / FRANCHISEE.

If you want to take FRANCHISEE / bussiness partner, then you fill the online registration form and complete your registration along with $390 (Rs. 25,000/-) after the submission of the form, you will see the payment option page.

After receiving the application form and payment ,we will send you the business partner /FRANCHISEE starter kit by speed post or by courier to your postal address, with in 3 days you will get. each and every thing promotional material will be in starter kit & admin user id and password.

After getting the kit you can start your work as a business partner / FRANCHISEE of all India survey for / online survey / offline survey programs. After taking the FRANCHISEE we will enlist your details in our website also. From that also you will get new customer support.

If any customer want to join with us from your area ,then we will forward this call to you. after joining the particular customer, then this customer will work under you only. always we will give you the best support.

Registration Fee (₹ 25,000)
Monthly Fixed Salary (₹ 10,000)
Bonus per member 30% of the Fee
Average monthly income ₹80,000 to ₹1,00,000
Contract Period Life-Time

To make the Payment, you must first fill and submit the Online Registration Form on this page.
On Successful submission, you'll be redirected to the payment page, where you can then complete the registration by making the payment.

For alternate payment options, Check out 'Payment Option' in the 'Join Now' page.

Indian customers can now deposit cash or transfer fund through "Fund Transfer" in the bank accounts given & forward the details such as: Transaction ID or Cash counter slip through E-Mail to [email protected]

Upon payment confirmation, Job details will be sent to your E-mail Address within 24hrs.
Online form submission is mandatory.

International Candidates may read the Payment Option Page >> To find options other than credit card and paypal, if available.

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