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"Make Unlimited Money Using Report Creator. Just Type the Matter In Report Box & Submit. Each Text Matter of 6-10 Words only. 5 Different Types of Projects To Get Started. Simple & Exciting Job. No Searching over Net, No MLM, No Network Marketing, No lengthy Work. Just Simple Typing & Copy-Paste Job"


Report Creator is one of the most exciting & newest updated Job we have today. We made the Job much easier and much comfortable to all home workers by dividing the Job work in 5 different projects.

Report Creator as the name suggest, you only have to create reports only on different projects we give. All report creator jobs are very easy and no work load. The basic strategy required in this work is only Typing of 8-10 words and copy paste that's all.

We divided the report creator into 5 different projects. The purpose of putting 5 different projects is to have fun with income. The more variety of work you've more you'll work and you won't get bored of doing same thing again and again. In these 5 projects, you can work on any project any time, there won't be any problem.


1. Colum Reporting
2. Keyword Reporting
3. Page Reporting
4. Text Extract Reporting
5. Text Link Reportin

1. What is Report Creator Job?
As the name suggests, Report Creator is a Job which involves only creating of small reports for our 5 different projects. Each reporting requires less than a minute. Before you read on further about this exciting report creator Job keep the below points in mind.

Requirements to Get Started - [a] Basics of computer Like Ms-word, Internet Surfing. No Typing Speed is Required. [b] Internet Connection [c] You can work from home or cyber cafe [d] You can Apply for the Job from any country and work from anywhere in the world.

2. What type of reports do I've to create?
The 6 different types of reports which you've to create are explained in details below:

[a] - In this type of column reporting, you'll get the text matter from our side of 2-8 lines. All you've to do is copy the matter, change / add at the bottom of the text matter with your code (code will be given from our side, to track your work). Paste the text matter inside the report box and click submit. This completes your . By reading this, you can easily guess how much it will take to work, not more than 1 minute. Another thing the work will be similar to what described here. There won't be any changes. To Try some Column Reporting Job Before Joining

- How many Jobs, I've to do in a day or in a month to get paid ?
As we said earlier there is not Job load, you can do a maximum of 10 in a day and minimum '0' you can do. In a month, your total should be atleast . So daily if you do only 5 only, you can achieve the minimum target of . Maximum you can do is .

- How much do I get paid for each column reporting?
Per you will be paid . So maximum you can earn is and minimum you can earn is from . However your final payout will include payment from other 4 projects too.

[b] - In this as the name indicates 3/4, means you've to enter 3-4 words which we give you, in server box, on clicking submit, you'll get text matters where at the bottom you've to add your code and paste the matter in reporting box and click submit. That's it.

Name is given as per the marketing requirements from different companies and the way they want the reports. Our database is full of millions and trillions of files and database. Now suppose a company wants some database on finance, they give us some keywords for that on which we have to send them reports. For example, they gave keywords like 'Best Finance Softwares', so here there are 3 keywords Best, Finance & Software. When you put these keywords in our database search box, you'll get lot of text matters, all you've to do is select the first 10 text matters, add your code at the bottom and report us using reporting box. The keyword's can be of 2 to 4 words long, but it doesn't matter, because all you've to do is input the keywords, for which you'll get thousands of text matters from our database, select the first 3 or 5 or 10 and report to us. At present we're linked with more than 10,000 companies and daily our target is to create reports of atleast 1 million keywords.

By reading this, you can easily guess how much it will take to work, not more than 2 minutes. Another thing the work will be similar to what described here. There won't be any changes. To Try some Job Before Joining

- How many Jobs, I've to do in a month to get paid ?
: Minimum : & Maximum :
: Minimum : & Maximum :

- How much do I get paid for each ?
As per the Job Plan you select, you'll be paid per keyword Reporting in '' and per in ''.

To know more about Minimum and Maximum Earning in Check out our Payment & Plan Section >>

[c] Text Link Reporting - Here you've to enter the keywords and on submit you'll get text links. All you've to do is copy those text links and report to us using reporting box. This is very easy job and doesn't require much explanation. But let's have some more explanation on it.

The system will generate the html text link for particular keywords. For example, keywords like finance software, you'll get the text links for it and same you've to report us. What we do is forward these text links to the companies.

- How many Text Link Reporting Jobs, I've to do in a month to get paid ?
: Minimum : & Maximum :
: Minimum : & Maximum :

- How much do I get paid for each Text Link Reporting ?
As per the Job Plan you select, you'll be paid per Text Link Reporting in '' and per Text Link Reporting in ''. To know more about Minimum and Maximum Earning in Check out our Payment & Plan Section >>

[d] - Simple Job will give you text matters, Just extract the first 3 lines and report the same to us. Very easy and no further explanation is required.

[e] - In , you've to put contents (each content will be of 6-7 lines) on server pages. Contents will be just text matter only and will provided by us. Just at the bottom of the content, you have to put your codes. The important thing in this type of reporting is server pages. Sever pages will be provided by us.

- How many Page Reporting Jobs, I've to do in a month to get paid ?
: Minimum : & Maximum :
: Minimum : & Maximum :

3. Is it compulsory to do all the 5 projects to get paid ?
No its not compulsory to do all the 5 projects. All job are very easy and one can easily do it. We divided the work in different parts so that you can earn more with fun. Doing different Jobs will never make you feel bored or tired. Just it with project one, than go with project 5, and rest as per your choice.

But as the question asked, its not compulsory to do all the projects. You can also do any of the project, but you have to do the minimum Job work required to get paid. If you don't do the minimum Job work, you won't be paid for that. So in order get paid for any project you've to complete its minimum reporting.

4. What if I do, the minimum report of 2 projects and rest 3 projects reporting are below the minimum required reporting, How I'll be paid in this case ?
You'll be paid only for the 2 projects whose minimum reporting you did, for rest 3 you won't be paid.

5. Is there any type of accuracy required in this Job ?
No accuracy required in any of the projects, because all you have to do the copy paste work of the database we give. But the most important part here is that you've to place the code link, which you'll get from our side in all your work. If you forget to put the link code, reporting will not be counted. Another thing, you'll get full instruction guide regarding how to do different types of report. So if your reporting is correct you will be paid accordingly.

Reports of all completed reporting will be sent to your mailbox as a copy. However the complete report you'll get along with payout details through email between 7th -15th of the month.

6. When & How much I'll be paid ?
Payments are made every month between 7th and 15th. On 5th of the month, payment list of all candidates is displayed. All payments are sent to Indian customer's using At-Par cheque (Just like Local cheque) through Speed Post. For record purpose we cannot send payment through Internet Bank Fund Transfer or Direct cash Deposit.

You'll be paid as per the work you do. you can earn between to , However as a Customer you can earn between to . For more details Please check out the Payment & Plan Section >>

7. What if I don't receive my payment on or before 15th of the month ?
In such cases all you have to do, is send a request mail for re-issue of Cheque. Re-issue of cheque is done every month on 22nd. The same will be received by you in 7 days from date of posting.

8. To get started with the Job, How to Apply for the same ?
To Apply for the Job, you've to pay a one time, life time Registration Fees also includes Job Agreement Cost -

- $54USD ( 3500 inr ) Basic Plan (Non-Refundable)

- $70USD ( 4500 inr ) Professional Plan (Non-Refundable)

9. Why I've to Pay Registration Fees ?
The Registration Fees includes, our services, for providing the work server where all the files are kept for you. Daily maintenance of your reporting Job, and your account maintenance. It also includes charges for providing different tools to start the work. Another thing of paying this non refundable fees, is to avoid spam workers on this site. Registration Fees only gives entry to serious workers. The registration Fees also includes fees of Job Agreement White Papers.

10. Can I pay the registration Fees after getting the Job from my first payment ?
We're sorry, but its not possible, as said above we've to arrange the basic account creation and files for you. Moreover as per the policy against spam and spam workers we cannot offer you to pay after getting Job or any adjustment of payment from your first payment.

11. If I'm not successful in the job, will my registration fees will be refundable ?
First all the jobs are damn easy, any one can do. So there won't be a question like this, that you got something else or the Job work is very tough. All Jobs are very easy and we give full support to you in accomplishing the work.

Registration Fees is totally No refundable in any circumstances. If you are leaving the Job and not accomplishing as per the requirement than we are not responsible.

12. Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade the plan in future ?
yes its possible, in case you feel to upgrade the plan from starter to master plan. All you've to is intimate us by mail or phone atleast before 10 days of starting of the coming month, same applies in case of downgrade of account.

In case of upgrade of your account you've to pay the different amount of registration fees.

In case of downgrade of your account, there won't be any refund of the different amount.

13. After making of registration Fees, How long it will take to get the account details ?
In 99% cases you'll get your account details in 24hrs. However in some cases you'll account details in 48 hrs.

Account details and instruction guides are sent through email only. You should check you bulk/Junk/spam mail box for our mails. Add all our email address given under primary contact in your safe address list.

On confirmation of your payment you will be getting username and password for Member's area. Member's area will be having all the latest details, instructions and job updates.

14. I don't have credit Card or paypal account, How can I apply ?
Its very simple fill the online application form and deposit the amount to our bank account or online fund transfer to our bank account.

On receipt of same, within 24hrs your account details will be sent to your email.
You can send an E-mail to

[email protected] (Payment related)
[email protected] (Support Related)
[email protected] (Information Related)

Or call us on the Numbers given in contact section.

$54 (₹ 3500)

$70 (₹ 4500)
Reporting & Payout
Reporting & Payout
Reporting & Payout
Reporting & Payout
Column Reporting 150
($450 @ $3)
($900 @ $3)
($1600 @ $8)
($3200 @ $8)
3/4 Keyword Reporting 125
($750 @ $6)
($3000 @ $6)
($3000 @ $10)
($5000 @ $10)
Text Link Reporting 250
($500 @ $2)
($1000 @ $2)
($1500 @ $6)
($3000 @ $6)
Text Extract Reporting 125
($750 @ $6)
($2250 @ $6)
($2500 @ $10)
($5000 @ $10)
Page Reporting 100
($1000 @ $10)
($3000 @ $10)
($3000 @ $15)
($6000 @ $15)
Total Min. / Max. Reporting & Payout 750
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Indian customers can now deposit cash or transfer fund through "Fund Transfer" in the bank accounts given & forward the details such as: Transaction ID or Cash counter slip through E-Mail to [email protected]

Upon payment confirmation, Job details will be sent to your E-mail Address within 24hrs.
Online form submission is mandatory.

International Candidates may read the Payment Option Page >> To find options other than credit card and paypal, if available.

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