Mail order business/paper work

Here is something about our unique hugely popular mail order business (mob) project. These are just paper work, at your home. We don't mind telling you it's not everyone in your town who is getting a chance to receive this exciting opportunity. The biggest attraction here is the concept of letters containing cheques, demand drafts & money orders. At last, before you read the circular & start mob keep in mind that its 100% sure that you'll earn rs.15000/- every month, if you follow our foot-steps. Have some questions of your own?

1. Who can start mob ?

Anyone - man, woman, young or old, employed or unemployed at any place can start mob.

2. What is mob ?

Mob is nothing but doing / conducting business by mail. It is one of the world's largest indian's fastest growing & most exciting business. Wherein millions are making big profits consistently. Now you can join them. Our unique ideas will shows you everything you need to know & run the mob from scratch.

3. Does age or gender matters ?

Not one bit. Equal opportunities exist for all in this business.

4. Do I need any experience to start ?

No, but is important that you learn all you can, read all you can.

5. What is the minimum investment required ?

You can start with your name & address, rubber stamp. All you need is some postal stationaries (stamps, envelops, letters etc.)

6. I have never tried business before - is it suitable for me ?

Yes. We have designed this business for beginners. Just the basic knowledge of english is essential.

7. What exactly I've to do or what's the actual work ?

After getting registered with the firm, we'll send you one welcome-kit containing all the necessary papers, instruction guide, booklets etc. Along with these things there will be some circulars containing details of products & programs to customers. You've to post 1 copy of each of all the circulars to customers. The instruction booklet will give details on how to get more than 200+ list of customers address along with free envelops & stamps on it. After getting the self addressed stamped envelop of customers you've to just put 1 copy of each circular provided by the firm & post the letter as soon as possible.

8. Your payment ?

After 10 days or before, from the date of posting letters, your payment will start coming to you in the form of money order, cheques or demand drafts. Expected monthly income from mob is rs.10,000/- to rs.30,000/- + actually it all depends on how you work. If you follow our foot steps easily you can earn the above given figure.

9. Advantages of mob ?

In this, mob there is no face to face contact between you - the people to whome you post letters & the firm with whome you'll work, untill & unless you want, so it's suitable for everyone.

10. In this work you are the boss, you don't have to work under someone's pressure. The best advantage is the free-dealership which you'll get & will be your additional income. Other than what you'll be earning from mob?

Here're what some new people says about this home study course mob is amazing just like a magic, I made rs.21,600 in the very first month”

- anand bhat, assam

"The mob ideas & informations are practical the free dealership is fast cash for me” - neeta gupta, delhi

“the steps mentioned in mob is very easy to understand. Now I am earning thousands everyday”. - ashish srivastava, patna

“I am thankful to pentagon info service for give me such an opportunity, after 2 months I started mob. I am experience financial growth” - aditya, bangalore

Paper work jobs registration fee is 2500/- rs for life time. Registration fee is $ 39 (rs. 2500/-) for life time.

We are giving bulk project also, if you need any bulk project then please you can contact with us.

If you reffer any candidate you will get rs. 500/-, per refferal.

Registration Fee $ 39 (₹ 2500)
Contract Period Life-Time

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