Max. Money Investment

Max Money gives you an opportunity to invest funds in fast growing company, under (Forex Trading Sector). With us, you can make 360% profit in 180 days (Short term plan) & 1080% in 365 days (Long term plan) or much more staying with us until the end of 2020. Step-by-step instructions are provided here. Please click "How to invest".

Max Money is an international commercial organization that collects, analyzes and processes information concerning the forex. The organization obtains profits by speculating in the forex market. The special feature of the Max Money is a wide international network of agents that work currency trading worldwide.

1. What is the minimum sum to invest?
Minimum Investment required here is $156 USD or Rs.10000/-.

2. What is principal amount?
The amount you are going to invest here is called principal amount.

3. Is the principal amount refundable?
The principal amount you are going to invest is fully refundable. No charges or deduction will be there.

4. When can I withdraw the invested amount?
You can withdraw the invested amount at the end of the investment cycle. We have 2 investment plans:

Short Term & Long Terms more details are mentioned in below sections.

5. What if I plan to withdraw my principal amount before end of investment cycle?
If you withdraw principal amount before end of investment cycle there will be charge of 40% of the principal amount & your investment earning will stop from particular day.

6. How often can I withdraw profits from my principal balance?
Profits accrue to your account every day, including Saturday and Sunday. You can withdraw your profit weekly every monday, and transfer it to your account in the payment system without any fee.

7. What should I do to become an investor? Should I sign a contract?
A contract is concluded at the time of your registration on the site. We don't demand any documents from our clients. Anyone can become an investor of MaxMoney.

Please give me an explanation about the different investment plans.

We've 2 different types of investment plans -

(a) Short Term Investment Plan of 6 Months - This is for small investor or for one who wants to give a try first with small investment. This short term investment plan of 6 months will give you 2% daily interest on your investment. Minimum investment required to get started is $156 or Rs.10000/-. In summary every month you will be getting an interest of 60% on your investment without doing any work. That means in 6 months, you will be getting 360% interest on your total investment.

(b) Long Term Investment Plan of 12 Months - If you really want to make big money in a short span of time without doing a single work this is the right plan and most popular investment we have. This investment plan will be 12 months. Minimum investment required to get started with this Investment plan is $700 USD or Rs.50,000/-. You'll be getting 3% daily interest on your total investment. That means every month you will be getting an interest of 90% on your investment without doing any work & at the end of the 12 months investment cycle you will earn around 1080% of your total investment.

Just imagine, at present any bank is paying just between 6-8% Per annum (12 month period) on your total investment that means around 0.6% Interest per month.

8. Can I make a new deposit in any running investment plan?
Yes you can anytime make a new deposit to your investment plan, & from the vary day you will be paid as per the new principal amount.

9. Can I change my investment plan from short term to long term?
Yes you can change any time, by putting a request and depositing a minimum of $390 USD before commencing of new month.

10. Do you have an emergency plan for the bad days?
Yes, we have such a plan. We have backup funds for EVIL DAYS. The fact is we will operate without any profits for some days.

11. If I made the first deposit and after some time I made the next deposit, will it be just added to the principal balance, or will it be a new deposit?
It will be just added to the principal balance.

Give me examples for a 1,000 USD investment for short term and long term investment plan.

Short Term Investment Plan of 6 months.
Example 1: $1,000 for 6 months = $3,600
Daily 2% Interest = 60% Interest Per Month
60% Interest of $1000 = $600 USD
So for 6 months earnings will be $600 USD * 6 = $3600 USD
Principal back: $1,000
Return in total: $4,600
Long Term Investment Plan of 12 months.
Example 2: $1,000 for 12 months = $10,800
Daily 3% Interest = 90% Interest Per Month
90% Interest of $1000 = $900 USD
So for 12 months earnings will be $900 USD * 12 = $10,800 USD
Principal back: $1,000
Return in total: $11,800

12. How much time does it take to process a withdrawal request?
Withdrawal requests are processed within 12-24 hours. But usually within 2-4 hours after the withdrawal request.

Please, give me a step-by-step instructions for How to invest.

1. You have to first Signup for the investment plan by clicking the invest now Tab Above..
2. Inside My Account Section click MaxMoney. Click Load Funds through PayPal, Credit Card or through other offline payment options like bank deposit, fund transfer, bank wire, western union etc.
3. On confirmation of your payment, your investment plan will start from particular day. After this you can withdraw your principal amount interests every week.

I forgot my password and lost access to my e-mail, and now I can't restore my password
No problem, just send us the scan copy of your passport or any document where we can see your First and Last name (it should be the same as the First and Last name of your MaxMoney Account). We'll create a new password for you.

13. Are you paying your investor dividend or interest daily?
Dividends are payments made by a corporation to its shareholder members. But our investors are not shareholders, it mean we pay interest.

14. Can I be sure that my investments with you are in safety?
Your Investments are 100% safe with MaxMoney. Before bringing these investment plans to you online, we already have more than 2500+ Active Investors worldwide. Also in first few weeks you will recover your invested amount.

15. Why do you obtain funds of other investors when you could invest your own money?
Obviously, we obtain additional funds for the same reason that ordinary corporations issue shares - as more money is in circulation, we have more profit to gain. If you have one million dollars you can earn thirty thousand dollars a day. And if you have a billion dollars, your daily earnings could reach $30,000,000. It is obvious thirty thousand is less than thirty million. Also we are the highest interest paying company on internet. No one is giving 90% per month returns on investment. Hence we need more investment to invest more in forex.

When we raise additional funds we pay most of the profits to those who entrusted us with their money. We earn because of the difference between net profit and interest paid to the investors.

16. Can you guarantee me that the funds I have invested in your project will bring me profits?
Forex is a global currency exchange trading marketing running weekdays 24hrs. giving get opportunity to earn even if you are in sleep. But this doesnt mean anyone can earn from it. Lot of hard work, strategy and current market study is required. We've well experienced investment porfolio managers round the globe who invest our money in forex 24hrs. and giving guaranteed profit.

However sometimes do happen that few agents ends the day in loss, but everyday is not the same. As specified above we have reserved funds for any type of bad days in future. We also give weekly withdrawals so that your investment will be safe.

17. How many people work in your company?
Our MaxMoney is different sector of PENTAGON INC., & is having 120+ employees including well trained customer executives, investment planner, porfolio manager etc. Apart from this we are having more than 250+ professional investors round the globe who invest our money in forex market.

18. How long have you been in business? How long do you intend to accept investments and what are your future plans?
We've been in MaxMoney from last 3 years. After the success of MaxMoney, we've great future plans like new investment plans which we are going to launch shortly.

Involving of new investors

19. I want to invest with you but I dont have money! How can I earn starting capital?
There are many ways to make money but the right one is to earn it in an honest way.

20. What should you do?
1. Register, on our site first and click pay now link to invest.

2. Get a personal affiliate link to involve new investors.

3. Start earning 10% from the deposit of each person you involved in our investment program. Earned money you can withdraw immediately, or you can invest in MaxMoney..

21. Where to place a link?
1. If you have a website, a blog, an account in the social networks Facebook,Myspace, or even in forums related to stock market, investment forums, forex forums etc and so on - just place the link and short description of the Investment program.
2. If you do not have anything like that, just start communicating and do it, because its time.
3. If you dont want to open your own website or accounts in social networks - its ok - you can earn with us all the same.
Register on the most popular forums:,,
Make your 'Signature' - the depiction that is displayed after each of your messages - in the setting of your account. Actively start discussing various topics concerning different programs on the forum. Participants will see your signature. Somebody will click your link and become your referral and you will earn 10% from his deposit.
4.Once you get the first profit, you can safely invest in MaxMoney. Then you can write this in the themes of the most popular investment forums:
You may write messages about the daily profit that you received in MaxMoney every day! More people will see your signature and thus increase the probability of involving new referrals!

We are sure if you apply enough effort you will achieve the goal! Good luck!

22. Can I earn 10% referral bonus from myself (by creating a second account)?
You cannot do this. You can be registered only once, and you can't refer yourself to MaxMoney. But if you share your PC with your family or friends, they can be registered from the same PC and IP address as you.

23. How can I make a profit from those people whom I involved in your investment program?
As soon as someone from your referrals makes a deposit, the percentage of this deposit will be automatically added to your account and you will be able to withdraw it.

6 Month
Short Term Plan A
6 Month
Short Term Plan B
12 Month
Long Term Plan A
12 Month
Long Term Plan B
12 Month
Long Term Plan C
Capital Amount $140 (₹ 10,000) $351 (₹ 25,000) $702 (₹ 50,000) $1052 (₹ 75,000) $1403 (₹ 1,00,000)
Withdrawal Frequency Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Investment Duration 6 Months 6 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months
Daily Interest 2% 2% 3% 3% 3%
Monthly Returns 60% 60% 90% 90% 90%
Returns at the end of the investment cycle 360% 360% 390% 390% 390%

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