Introduction -

Instant Cash Machine is nothing but Internet's best Free Income generating opportunity. This Income opportunity is offered by Google Adsense. Today million's of people are making a handsome income every month. There are many webmasters (people who run their websites) who are earning more than $50,000 every month without any effort. Well this sounds Fishy, but its true.

Google is running 2 types of programs called Google Adwords & Google Adsense. Google Adwords are for advertisers, who advertise their Ads on Google and other websites. Today daily millions of websites, advertise their services, jobs, products, business etc on internet. To advertise through Google Adwords, Advertiser's pay Google excellent amount. In return Google too servers their Ads instantly on search engines & giving prompt service and benefit to the Advertiser.

Now How you'll be benefited in all these?

As daily millions of websites are joining Google adsense to rank themselves on Google search engines and like to place their Ads on top traffic ranking sites. Because the more traffic a website gets, more visitors and in turn more selling of their services, products & Business. Today if you search for a keyword like "hotels" you'll get millions of results on Google, but Google can server at the most 10-100 websites on their 1st page, rest listings will be different pages. So if the person who applied for Google Adwords, and not listed on 1st page its just waste of his/her money. So to overcome this problem, and to server all Google Adwords customers Ads instantly, Google Started Google Adsense.

Google Adsense - helps in serving Google Adwords Ads on publisher's sites. Here what Google doing is distributing all the Google Adwords Ads among different Google Adsense Publishers. A Google Adsense Publisher is one who is running his/her website and service Google Adwords customers Ads on their site. All one has to do is register free at Google Adsense, and start service Adwords Ads.

Google Adsense is not everyone's cup of tea. Ofcourse, To get started in Google Adsense is very easy, all you need is a website. Open a free Google Adsense account and the Ads will automatically start serving on your websites.

Why is it not everyone's cup of tea? - Daily thousands of people enroll for Google Adsense with a hope to make a massive life time income. Out of these 1000's publisher's only 5% publishers gets success in receiving a beautiful Green Color Google Cheque. Every publisher die to get Adsense Cheque but only few succeeds. Its not because Google don't pay them. Google pays to every valid and genuine publisher.

Why most of the publisher fails in getting Google Adsense Cheques?

Most of the new publishers, who are new to Google Adsense knowingly or unknowingly make some mistakes which is strictly not allowed from Google Adsense. To be a successful Adsense Publisher, one has to be very careful with their website, its content, text matter, way you are promoting your site, SEO of your site, Traffics to your site and many more. If any of these are missing in your site, or your site is not compatible Google Adsense Policy, than within few days of opening an account with Google Adsense, you will be totally banned from it and you no longer will be allowed to participate again in Google Adsense.

Who We Are -
Our Adsense Team, comprises of Highly Professional Web designers, Content Writer, script handler, Industries Best SEO (search engine Optimization), Professional Keyword Optimization Executives, Top Marketing Executives, Site Maintenance.

What Do We Offer -
We create a Highly Professional Looking websites. Our team can create websites on any topic you want. However our basic package comes with contents of written by our content writer expert. Our team has made lot of changes in our Adsense Websites. Google use to change regularly their calculation for rating a website depending on the contents and other things as described above. Previously it was very difficult to earn a particular amount in the first month and its continuation to future months with more and more income. Our clients used to earn that time also but the earning rate was bit slow compared to what we brought now.

Unique Adsense Website - As per the new changes, we create only unique websites (means no 2 person will be having website with same topic or content) to avoid duplication which is not permitted by Google. Duplicate sites give less income and may result in life time ban. With our unique Adsense Website, your daily earnings will be extremely high & no chance of getting Ban.

Excellent Web Designing - A Professionally designed website and well arranged Adsense Ads in between ensure higher returns. As per our study we found that a well designed website and properly arranged Google Adsense and their mix up with contents show high paying Ads which will definitely increase your earning. There are many other things which our experts cover in web designing like different types of tags, headings, matter, header, footer etc. There are many things which we can't put here or disclose here.

High Paying Keywords - A keyword is a combination of one word or 2-3 words. A keyword determines what type of Ads your website wants to show. Today there is a great demand of high paying keywords and high traffic generating keywords. A High Paying Keyword brings only high paying Ads on your website and every click on these Ads will pour handsome money to you. Its very difficult to find a high paying keyword, its not everyone's cup of tea, only an Adsense Expert or Professional SEO can tell you about this. However our team is full of professionals you keep real time track on high paying keywords in the adsense market.

Apart from High Paying Keywords, there are also keywords which attracts high amount of traffic on your website. Its very simple calculation, more traffic, more clicking on Ads and more earning. Many of our clients are earning on an average a minimum of $150 to $400 per day. Another thing simply putting keywords or putting large amount of keywords in website will probably ban your account. A keyword should has to be placed in a proper manner, our experts will create website for you with proper amount of keywords, and their insertion should be at correct place.

No. of Web Pages in Your Site - It's a Big mistake if you are thinking or someone is telling you that a website with thousands of pages will pour more money. TOTALLY WRONG. If you ask this to any Adsense Publisher who is running his/her website from last 6 months, they will surely deny from this, until and unless your website is world popular and having millions of visits daily. Previous we used to create our clients website of more than 25,000+ pages, but now we are creating a website with not more than 15- 20 pages. Because our study and research found that a new website with so many pages gets banned from Google because of duplication and search engine spiders finds very difficult to read your website. Moreover its all depends on How well you market your site, and well it impress visitors. All websites which we created are fetching atleast $150+ per day. We cannot put the list of sites here, just to avoid any type of spamming by any visitors or putting invalid clicks on our clients sites. It's our responsibility that our client's site should not get terminated. So all that matters is how professional your website looks.

What type of Adsense Website do We Create ? As described above, we create unique adsense websites for our clients with above details. Today there are many people on internet who give adsense ready websites with thousands of pages. Most of the customers trap by seeing the word "Adsense website with thousands of pages". What's the use of those thousands of pages, which can't fetch you even $10 in 6 months & in 95% of cases within 1 month their Adsense sites gets banned for violating Adsense policy.

Before creating a Adsense website for you, we check whether the content, topic and other things of your websites complies with Adsense policy or not. Adsense is very strict with their policy, if you violate they immediately terminate you for life time. We create Adsense website which is fully compatible with Adsense policy and completely search engine optimized.

We create 3 types of Adsense Website
- Basic Adsense Package is a compact website of 10 pages. Professionally designed and completely optimized with search engines. It will consists of 5 keywords, which will bring high paying Ads on your site. Apart from all these, this site will be having everything to earn a decent income daily.

From this website one can easily earn atleast a minimum of $20 daily, in the starting few days and subsequently increasing to $50 daily in future. Remember 80% of Adsense Publishers find it very difficult to earn atleast $5 a daily. Many publishers say, they earned only $10 in first 3 months. But why we, TOS are earning more than $150 daily on each of our website. Reason very simple, we do everything in a professionally manner to earn more + giving good support to Adwords with our content & Marketing.

Estimated Monthly Income will be around $ 700 to $ 900 in first 2-3 months and gradually increasing to $1000+ in subsequent months.

Additional Benefits:

Online Marketing & 5,000 listing of your website pages on Google, Yahoo & other Search Engines. Guaranteed Marketing Service.

Premium Customized Website - This is similar to Basic Adsense Site, with the only advantage of getting customized in your way. Here our experts will create a site as you desire. You can place contents, images and other things of your choice. Website designing, Layouts & color combinations can also be done in your way. You can also launch or input your products or business details on website. Premium Customized Website will be having 15 pages. 10 High Paying Keywords.

From this website one can easily earn atleast a minimum of $30 daily, in the starting few days and subsequently increasing to $70 daily in future.

Estimated Monthly Income will be around $1000 to $1200 in first 2-3 months and gradually increasing to $1500+ in subsequent months.

Additional Benefits:

Online Marketing & 10,000 listing of your website pages on Google, Yahoo & other Search Engines. Guaranteed Marketing Service.

Professional Adsense Website - are designed in such a way to get high traffic + each Adsense Ads displayed will be pouring between $5 to $500 on every click. Our experts put excellent Quality keywords to generate High paying Ads. Not everyone know which keywords will pay $200 to $500+ on every click. In addition to the features of Basic website, professional website will be having 20 pages. 25 High Paying Keywords. Excellent Website Designing & our experts update website with new keywords after every 15 days, this ensure continuous supply of High Paying Ads on your Site.

From this website one can easily earn atleast a minimum of $50 daily, in the starting few days and subsequently increasing to $100 daily in future.

Estimated Monthly Income will be around $1500 to $2000 in first 2-3 months and gradually increasing to $3000+ in subsequent months.

Additional Benefits:

Online Marketing & 20,000 listing of your website pages on Google, Yahoo & other Search Engines. Guaranteed Marketing Service.

Basic Requirements To Get Started With Adsense Site -

To have an Adsense Website, you should have the following things -
1. A Domain Name (Name of your site for ex., etc)
2. A Hosting Service Provider (Server where you want to host your site)

We Offer Free Domain Registration & Hosting Service For 1 Year
To Buy a domain, you have to pay around $12 every year.
To Buy a Hosting Server, again you have to pay separately $15 every year. So a total expense of around $30 every year will be there.

But you don't have to worry about these expenses, because with any of our package you take, you will get free domain registration of your choice & Free Hosting for one year. After 1 year you'll have to pay renewal charges, which will be $10 for domain name, & $2just for Hosting. So Here you save a huge amount.

There are many people who promise you to give adsense sites of 25000 pages, but they will never give you free domain or hosting. Because for hosting 25000 pages you got to have a big web space and lot of expense. Another thing most of them will give you a sub domain instead of domain, which is against Adsense policy. So be careful about this. Here we are not hiding anything from you, because you should know all these to make huge income daily. So here completes the problem of getting a domain name and hosting service... its Free...

How Long it will take your website to be live on internet ?
Basic Package will take atleast 5-7 days from the day you make payment & select your domain name. In these 2-3 days will be taken for your Google Adsense Registration & rest of the days will be utilized in designing and uploading of your site & 1 day for final checking of your site before delivering it to you.

Premium Customized Website will take atleast 5-10 days from the day you make payment & select your domain name. However it also depends on customization of your site as per your request.

Professional Adsense Websites are complete ready made & fully professional Adsense site with search engine optimization. Every Month our Adsense experts make 30-50 professional Adsense websites with their own choice of domain name. These sites are ready to use with 50% Marketing already done. These professional Adsense websites will also start making huge money from the vary first day. It will take not more than 2-3 days for the website to be live, because everything is ready only adsense registration time will be counted.

There is no comparison of our Professionally designed adsense websites with rest of the 2 packages or any other adsense site.

How Do I open a Google Adsense Account ?
It's very simple, you can do it simply visiting the site If any problem, we will do it for you with no charges. Another do not open an account before we say, because one person can open only one account in his/her name.

How many Websites I can use with my Google Adsense Account ?
With your Google Adsense Account, you can link unlimited no. of Websites. Remember more websites more ads and more earning.

After getting my Adsense site ready, Do I've to make any changes in it?
No As said earlier, you don't have to do any changes or you won't be asked to make any changes from our end. Everything will be done by our experts free of cost. All you have to do is daily check your adsense account with huge earnings.

Remember, we won't do like others who after taking money, just give a mere e-book with details on how to get start. We give what we promise here, otherwise Full Money Return.

How Long it will take to appear Adsense Ads on my site ?
At the most 24hrs of your Adsense Account confirmation from Google.

What's the Payment Structure of Google Adsense ?
Google Adsense Payments are delivered to you through EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer to Your Bank A/C) or Cheque, every month between 1st to 5th through DHL Express Courier Service. Your monthly payouts are calculated on the following things :-

1. No. of times your web page is opened. 2. No. of times Google Ads are clicked on your site. 3. No. of times Google Search Box has been used on your site.

How much per Ad click I'll be getting ?
The Ad's that are displaying on your site are delivered by Google from its Adword Advertiser section. Each Advertiser fix specific amount for their Ads. Today billions & trillions of Google Adword advertisers are there. Each range their Ads from $0.5 to $500+ per click. Now Adsense sites what we create for you is highly optimized with keywords to deliver each Ads with range of $5 to $500 per click.

Daily Adsense Income Calculation -
Lets take an example - In this ex. we will count everything at the bottom rate to see our minimum earnings. In the starting few day's, Let's assume daily your site has been opened 2000 to 5000 ( as per our free marketing)

On an average daily your site is viewed 3500 times.
Now even at the bottom, if we expect a 10% click on 3500 views, than it will be 350 clicks a day.
Let's imagine on an average we are getting around $2 per click, than our daily earning will be 350 clicks x $2 = $700 daily. Now again you think its too much, let's take another minimum earning example below which we can't expect-

Minimum view per day 1500
Average clicks per day 200
Average amount per click $1.25
Daily Income = 200 x $1.5 = $300 Daily

Whatever Calculation we showed above is the minimum & in the starting few days only. Later on views, clicks and income everything will be much higher rates as described under each package.

Monthly Adsense Income Calculation -
As per the above daily calculations -
1. For daily income of $700, monthly income will be $700 x 30 days = $21,000
2. For daily income of $300, monthly income will be $300 x 30 days = $9,000

What You say now, isn't a mind blowing income with our minimum calculation. Even now also you think that you can't earn this much. What about again 10% of this total amount. Again you will earn atleast $2,100 or $900. This too is a big amount. But why we are talking only on the lower side, when we are sure to earn on the higher rates with hard efforts of our Adsense Expert Teams.

When will I get my First Adsense Payment?
As per the Adsense policy, as soon as an amount of $10 is accumulated in your account, Google Adsense Team will send you a Adsense Postcard with 'PIN' no. which you have to input in your Google Adsense Account. They send this PIN just to verify that you are the right user of this account and also to verify your Address, so that when they send cheque's to you it should reach the right address.

Our Adsense Experts will reflect First $100 Free from our side in your account within first 36Hrs of your Adsense account activation. So that your PIN no. gets dispatched at the earliest.

Next, your Adsense Cheque will be delivered to you only when your account reaches a minimum threshold of $100 in a particular month. If amount is less than $100 it will be carry forward to next month. However with our effort and highly optimized adsense site, you can expect $100 within 3-4 days only.

You'll get all Adsense PIN no., letters, cheque's etc directly from Google, Ireland.

Google use DHL service which delivers cheque's in 3-4 days only.

Registration Fee $85 (₹ 5500) $117 (₹ 7500) $140 (₹ 9000)
Free Credit to Your AdSense A/C (Includes $10 For PIN) $25 (₹ 1706) $50 (₹ 3412) $100 (₹ 6824)
AdSense PIN Guarenteed in 24Hrs YES YES YES
Hosting for 1 Year YES YES YES
No. of Web Pages 10 15 20
Customization NO YES YES
Keywords 5 10 25
Free Listing on Google 3000 8000 20000
Multiple Earning Opportunity No Yes Yes
Estimated Monthly Income* $2000 (₹ 135729) $3000 (₹ 203594) $5000 (₹ 339324)

Free Online Marketing & Listing of Adsense Site -
To Earn maximum from Google Adsense, you've to do go good online marketing of your site. The more you do online marketing, more traffic will come to your site and in turn more clicks will be made on your site, which results in high daily earning.

Free Online marketing of your site means, listing of all your web pages on Google search engines and other internet's best search engine. We use different types of techniques to list your pages quickly on Google, yahoo, msn. After your site is listed on search engine, it automatically starts producing nice traffic. You can also see daily how much traffic your site is getting and from which part of the world.

To succeed in Google Adsense one has to focus on diversified traffic, which includes traffic from every part of the world. You don't have to worry about getting high traffic and listing on search engines, because we provide free online marketing & listing on major search engines free of cost. This service comes free of cost with all our packages. Below are the free marketing you will get with each package.

BASIC ADSENSE SITE - In this package our experts will market your site on all major search engines along with 3000 web listings in Google. Your site's Web marketing will continue until and unless you won't see 3000 listing in Google.

PREMIUM CUSTOMIZED ADSENSE SITE - In this package our experts will market your site on all the major search engines along with 8000 listings on Google. Your site's Web marketing will continue until and unless you won't see 8000 listing in Google.

PROFESSIONAL ADSENSE SITE - Here in this special package, our adsense experts will do a total listing of around 20000 in Google and other search engines. Weekly for 20 weeks your site will be optimized free of cost with keywords.

Do I have to do any type of marketing for my adsense sites?
No. Until and Unless our marketing is over on your site you don't have to do any type of marketing for your site. As soon as we complete our marketing, we will inform you with all the reports and its results. Along with this we will give you full details on where and how to do marketing of your site. We do marketing of your site for 6 months.

Remember doing online marketing of your site is very important, atleast twice in a week its important if you really want to make handsome income. If you do regularly, you will get mind blowing results. We will give you full instruction guide on how to proceed on with perfect marketing. Remember marketing is totally free you don't have to pay anything, and daily if you do it atleast for 1hr its more than enough. To earn such a big income, you've to input some of your time. Another thing, after 6 months with regular marketing of your site, you will find that your site requires no marketing because search engine will automatically list your site.

Do I have to have to pay for doing online marketing of my site?
No, not necessarily. You can do free online marketing of your site & you don't have to pay anything, until and unless you want. Paid marketing can bring faster result. But we recommend only free marketing only till you get your first Adsense cheque.

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